Friday, December 16, 2011

Sidi Bouzid celebrating the first International Festival of Freedom and Dignity

Sidi Bouzid, the hometown of Mohamed Bouazizi and the place that witnessed the first outburst of the Tunisian Revolution on the 17th of December, 2010, will host the first International Festival of Freedom and Dignity for four days (16th to 19th of December). The festival is both a grateful celebration of the past as it is a tribute to the Revolution’s martyrs and an optimistic look at the future because the festival is also a unique opportunity to draw the world’s attention to the buried splendor of this part of Tunisia and to its quite often overlooked economic potential.  The International Festival of Freedom and Dignity offers a rich and varied program including music, art galleries, outdoor movie screenings, workshops, seminars, fireworks, and much more! The highlight of the festival is the attending of outstanding international guests from Egypt, Iraq, Morocco, Libya, Britain, Yemen, Syria and other countries. More on this event soon.

The Sixth Issue of The Tunisian ELT Forum Magazine: Call for articles

Soon, we will be publishing the sixth issue of The Tunisian ELT Forum. In fact, we plan to have it ready by mid-January. If you have any ideas, tips or lessons (related to EFL in general or ITC in particular) to share, we will be honored to have them published in the next issue. It would be ideal if you could send your submissions before or during the first week of January. If you are interested, please use the "contact us" button. Have great hildays! 


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