Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Workshops: Lesson Planning

Article by Fathi Bouguerra (Teacher trainer)
Sidi Bouzid Training Center (CREFOC)
Traning session 1: Lesson Planning, October 2009

In the brainstorming activity we stressed the fact that planning is essential to both experienced and inexperienced teachers. Planning enables the teacher to organize learning situations toward chosen goals. It also helps in what Huebener calls “anticipatory teaching, for the learning situation is lived, through, mentally, in advance”
In the next phase teachers attended a PowerPoint presentation(*) - prepared by Mr. Belgacem Hamdi and Mr. Mohamed Salah Abidi- where Mr. Hamdi spoke about some aspects of lesson planning ranging form steps of the lesson, going through the art of mixing techniques and culminating in the idea that lesson plans involve two major portions of the actual teaching process: objectives and classroom activities.
After the break teachers worked in groups- according to levels. They were asked to prepare lesson plans that highlighted the principles of lesson planning dealt with in the training session. While teachers were presenting their work Mr. Mohamed Salah Abidi insisted on the idea that “We can’t direct the wind but we can adjust the sails”.
He also added that an over-reliance on the textbook may well cause the teachers to give classes which are not as motivating as they should be. Linearity in dealing with lessons may demotivate the students. Hence when planning lessons teachers need to choose, select appropriate activities, highlight variety and balance and be ready to shift gear whenever they deem necessary.
Teachers should always remember that when planning a lesson, a teacher adopts what he can adopt, and adapts what is adaptable. They should also be flexible and take things easy. I mean if a teacher can open up a knot with his fingers, why he should open it with his teeth.

*PowerPoint Presentation:

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Lesson Planning (word document):

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General recommendations (word document):

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