Monday, December 7, 2009

Workshop: Teaching Critical Reading

Posted by Mohamed Salah ABIDI, ELT Inspector.

"The following reading activities are elaborated by groups of teachers of English at the workshop organized at the CREFOC of Sidi Bouzid on November 14th, 2009. The aim of the session is to raise awareness of the benefits of being creative and teach beyond the textbook. The worksheets developed by the different groups of teachers are not lesson plans to follow implementing in the classroom.
Topic: Teaching Critical Reading through Applying Bloom’s Taxonomy
Audience: Teachers of 1st Year Secondary Education
Material: a selection of reading passages from the textbook “Perform through English”.
Step1: a PowerPoint presentation by Belgacim HAMDI, a trainee inspector at the CENAFFE.
Step2: Groups of teachers design reading activities relative to the reading passages selected from the above mentioned textbook.
Step3: OHP presentation of the activities by representatives of the groups and discussion and feedback."
Reading activities elaborated by teachers during the workshop:

Teaching critical reading: A PowerPoint presentation by Belgacim HAMDI

N.B: To download these documents, check also the Download Area: Workshops -> Teaching Critical Reading.

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  1. Thanks a lot for the valuable documents you are sending to all of us Si Mohamed Salah , it is really a pleasure to us and a great profit to all teachers of English everywhere .
    I can not but express my deep gratitude to you and those working on the same project .It is really a great effort and it is appreciated everywhere .
    Take a bow Sir !
    I am not complimenting you but I am telling the truth !Thanks a lot for everything you are doing !



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