Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The fifth issue of The Tunisian English Language Teaching Forum

In this issue, you can "read two articles on product and process writing: one
by an ELT Inspector Belgacem HAMDI and the other is by a Senior EFL
Teacher Hachmi HAMDI.  

Steve PEHA, president of TTMS, focuses on one
of the mechanical aspects of writing: punctuation and suggests a new
approach how to teach it.

The contribution of Noaman AMARA, a Tunisian teacher in the Gulf, is an
article on teaching grammar and vocabulary through songs and chants.

Added to all this wealth of ideas, Tarek BRAHMI’s special guest in this
issue is Larry FERLAZZO, who will necessarily make an addition to the
pedagogical valise of any reflective teacher. Tarek has, also, considered
the teaching of reading and shares ideas on the technique of “Jigsaw
reading” with the readers of this issue.

Mme. Faten ROMDHANI, EFL Teacher in the area of Nabeul and a friend of
the forum and the magazine writes an elegant article about the importance
of reading in an era when the reign is for the Internet rather than the paper

This issue can be read and downloaded here.


  1. Another excellent production and a great read!

  2. This is a special issue par excellence,bearing the flag of our dear country Tunisia and Abu Elkacem Echebbi's famous lines on coverpage; It does make sense...
    -Hamdi Hechmi-

  3. The curricular specialist who is presenting a series of seminars entitled "Teaching English to Young learners" for us liked the content of this forum and sent a copy to each of the participants.

  4. Hi, nice to see this blog. I'm come from Vietnam. I'm learning English and I'm finding the way to learn English well. Thank you !

  5. @ Eman, Patricia, Hechmi, English Teaching and Trương Chi: Thank you so much for the kind words and the feedback! We are really glad you find this issue interesting.

  6. so interesting profile a lot of encouragement from manel

  7. I really appreciate the effort of all the team. you are providing us with valuable data and creative ideas. I thank my ex inspectors Mr Labidi and Mr Hamdi for their support and this so valuable and elegant magazine. May God bless you.

    Mrs Manel



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