Friday, May 11, 2012

"TESOL International Convention Philadelphia 2012" , a new blog by Faten Romdhani

Mrs. Romdhani has just launched a great-looking blog,,  to talk about her attendance at the TESOL Convention in Philadelphia from the 28th of March till the 1st of April, and to share insights and ideas with EFL teachers from all over the world. The blog is colorful and elegant and what is more it is a new space for teachers of English from all over the world to keep in touch with a very active, resourceful and great EFL teacher; Mrs. Romdhani. Congratulations!


  1. I am deeply touched by your extreme kindness and unfailing support. Truly,I am forever grateful to be surrounded by supportive colleagues. This is no stranger to the staff of the Tunisian English Teaching Forum. Thank you for making my day! The Best surprise ever! Thank you Thank you Thank you very much indeed.

  2. Congratulations, Mrs. Romdhani you have launched a good blog. It's a good news for all of teaching fallows that you are sharing insights and ideas with EFL teachers from all over the world. Keep it up .. Good luck

    Jared S

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  4. Congratulations! I am so proud of you my friend and sister. You just deserve the best indeed.

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