Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Critical Reading of the 2012 Bac Exam Results

The CREFOC, Sidi Bouzid, hosted two workshops organized and presented by ELT inspectors, Mohamed Salah ABIDI and Belgacem HAMDI on November the 24th, 2012. Mr. ABIDI and Mr. HAMDI invited the 4th Year EFL teachers in the area of Sidi Bouzid to participate in a critical reading and scrutiny of the  2012 Bac Exam results. The two-session workshops, which started at 9 am till 12.30, began with PowerPoint presentations detailing the results in the schools of the area of Sidi Bouzid. This was followed by a discussion of the factors that had led to the success and those that may explain the failure. The second part of the workshops focused on the teachers' comments and their suggestions concerning the 2012 test and the possible ways to improve the results in the future.
You can access the slides and doc files here:

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