Monday, October 26, 2009

The first issue of our magazine is here!

Snapshots from the magazine:




To download the Tunisian English Teaching Forum e-magazine, to rate it, add feedback and comments, embed it on your own blog or website, share it with friends or print it, please visit our page here:
The Tunisian English Teaching Forum e-magazine

What they said about the magazine:

After reading this magazine all I can say is, WOW. This is a well thought out/written publication that incorporates every facet of education; from having a successful start to the school year, to how to best implement technology into education.” Read more

    David Kapuler, Media & Technology Specialist, Greendale School District, U.S.A


It is a very enjoyable, informative read and makes for a great practical resource, which can be referenced again and again.” Read more

Patricia Donaghy
ICT Teacher
Dublin, Ireland


I have just come across your extremely elegant online magazine and I was delighted to be able to learn so much about ELT in Tunisia.”

Susan Thornhill ,Regional Sales Manager – North Africa Macmillan Education, Oxford

1 comment:

  1. Great job! Well-done! I'm really surprised by the wonderful work done by our inspector Mohammed Salah Abidi and our olleagues. Honestly, i felt proud of the new-born magazine not only because it is "Made in Tunisia", but also because it is 'Made in Sidi Bouzid". Congratulations on this primary success. No doubt, the forum will grow better, nicer , more fruitful and more enjoyable.



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