Monday, October 26, 2009

The “Be careful” culture by Naoufel Zouidi

By Naoufel Zouidi, Lessouda Secondary School.

Starting a teaching career is not an easy matter. It is rather an adventure full of hardships and troubles. New teachers all over the world may find it very difficult to cope with some discouraging conditions that impede their development as teachers and therefore look for someone to share their worries. Friends and family members never miss such an opportunity to show their wisdom: ‘be careful I know some teachers who really suffered and had serious problems’, ‘be careful pupils nowadays are very naughty so try to be strict and don’t let them win the battle against you’, ‘be careful some colleagues are very bad people’…The list is long. Just imagine the situation and you will find plenty of warnings. That makes a new teacher feel he/she is going to fight against pupils, colleagues, and even the job he is doing. He/She just struggles to settle.
Complaints about pupils’ level appear after one or two months and new warnings come out: ‘be careful the inspector will come soon’, ‘be careful he/she may write a report to the ministry if your lesson fails’, ‘be careful your pupils will get the worst results and your future as a teacher is at stake’, ‘be careful pupils will tell the headmaster that you are not as successful as their previous teacher’, ‘be careful if you fail this year you will never be a successful teacher’. Thus, a new struggle starts and the new teacher will be certain that his/her destiny is to be always careful and ready to fight which is not true in fact. Most people did their best to be teachers and therefore fulfill one of their childhood dreams. There is no greater pleasure than having the opportunity to grant knowledge and enlighten others. So be proud of being a teacher and forget about your fears since you are doing a really noble job. Be careful my article is over…

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  1. Thanks for the article .
    Well- expressed as usual ! You are really stating what each of us faces throughout his career , especially in the beginning . We feel that we are trapped into the myriad of choices ; we want to be perfect , we want our learners to learn very well ,...A lot of challenges to face at once !
    Within this bewildering situation we hear some voices urging us to be firm , not lenient , not friendly , not easy-going , and not too tough on learners !Hard to achieve !Very challenging !!!
    So we are scared to death that any of the shocking instances that happened to one of our colleagues may happen to us and thus we start struggling with how we would like to behave and what we should really do !!!!
    But fortunately , with more years of teaching we establish good relationships with our learners and we feel that they are needing us as much as we are needing them to feel alive , to feel that we are really as important to them as their friends as their parents , too !
    Feelings of motherhood or fatherhood outreach our kids to "our" learners.




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