Sunday, August 30, 2009

A sample lesson plan using Bloom’s taxonomy by Hechmi Hamdi

Posted by Hechmi Hamdi ,a teacher of English in Ibn Roshd High School, El Maknassy, Sidi Bouzid.
This is a lesson plan applying Bloom's taxonomy for 4th year secondary students.
It thoroughly explains the procedure that could be implemented and details the steps that both teacher and students would follow."The focus in the procedures is intensively and extensively set on applying critical thinking via critical questions."
Lesson Plan details:
Lesson :Education for all
Page: 93
Unit :2
Level :Year 4 secondary education
Source: Skills for life

About Hechmi Hamdi:
EFL teacher since 1996
Ibn Roshd High School in El Maknassy
Main interests: test construction,translation,media studies
Proficiency certificate from Brighton University 1991


  1. A really interesting lesson plan Hechmi! I will give it a try soon. Thanks for sharing.
    ___Tarak Brahmi

  2. am new here, it's really interesting, ur plans is always good as far as learning is there. we will discuss more i hope? nice to meet u here



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