Monday, August 31, 2009

"The snag with English in Tunisia" by Abdelmalek Hadji

An article by Abdelmalek Hadji, Senior Teacher, Dar Chabaane Secondary School.

Reading through the literature issued by the ministry of education and training about the profile of the outgoing student after the 7 years of prep and secondary education, a statement reiterated in every page of the orientation book drew my attention.
It says ‘the outgoing student is expected to have a good command of three languages (at least) in spoken, read and written forms.’’

Do factual data gathered after national exams corroborate these expectations?
How do we account for the common students’ underachievement in languages?

Our major concern in this paper is the substandard outcome of the outgoing students and the way to address it.

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  1. Thanks Mr.Abdelmalek for your persuasive article . It enlightens us and enhances us to have a critical eye towards official programmes , textbooks ...
    Without self-evaluation and evaluating textbooks and official programmes , we can not move forward and better ourselves in terms of quality of teaching .



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