Friday, June 4, 2010

A play about environmental issues by the pupils in Abou Baker El Gammoudi prep school

"Learning is something students do, NOT something done to students."
Alfie Kohn
Falling back to the stance of teaching a language as if it is a set of lexical items to be learnt by heart or a collection of grammatical rules to be written in red may be easy but it is far from the real assignment and aspirations of a creative teacher; a teacher who will leave a lasting imprint and be remembered a long time past that year he spent with her/his students.
Latifa AZIZA, Nozha BAYAWI and Amal BOUAZIA,our colleagues from ABou Baker El Gammoudi prep. school, Sidi Bouzid, have chosen the harder way by thinking "outside the box" and taking their teaching skills to the next level. They got together in the preparation of a play which was performed by their students: A great job by the teachers and a wonderful performance by the students.

play by students in BGPS Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia from Tunisian ELT Forum on Vimeo.

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