Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Stream, a magazine by the students

Our colleagues- Sahbi Bouazizi, Sihem Amri, Fatma Baraketi, Basma Jellali, and Fadhel Tamallah-sent this elegant magazine by their students in 2 March Secondary School, Sidi Bouzid. The magazine, “Stream”, displays a nice collection of short stories, dialogues, puzzles and proverbs written by the students themselves.


The magazine is “ a crude attempt [that] invites [the readers] to have a look at various activities [...] that stem from [the] students’ eagerness to be high achievers”.

We thank our colleagues for the great effort invested in this lovely magazine and for sharing their work on this forum. Keep up the great work!



To see or download the magazine, click on the thumbnail below:

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