Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Classroom Management for Young Learners by Noamen Amara

This is a  PowerPoint Presentation by our friend and colleague Noamen Amara*. In this presentation, Noamen stresses the importance of classroom management and draws our attention to some empowering and useful techniques for monitoring students' behaviour. These include seating arrangement techniques, praise and encouragement,setting time limits, role play, pair and group work, etc..
Noaman also sent an inspiring article that we will publish in the next issue of the Tunisian ELT Forum magazine.

*Noaman Amara is a Tunisian teacher working in Bahrain.
Email: noamenamara@yahoo.co.uk

Side Note: 
We congratulate Noamen for his wedding. Best wishes of happiness and joy! 


  1. Greetings from Bahrain!
    I am very pleased that my PowerPoint presentation with a nice report is published here. I do appreciate your support and encouragement, but what is more important for me is your feedback and comments. So, please feel free to leave comments here or on own my blog. That will help me improve my writings in the future and give me more motivation to write on topics related to Teaching English either as a second (ESL) or foreign (EFL) language.
    Noamen Amara.

  2. Hi Noamen!
    Greetings back from Tunisia :)
    I second your call for comments: they are the" raison d'etre" of a blog/forum. Their importance should never be underestimated. They provide feedback on efforts made by colleagues. They make others come back and more importantly they encourage more participation and sharing among teachers.
    So, we do hope we would score higher in terms of comments.
    Comments are not expected to be "kudos" and "bravos" all the time. Let us just speak our minds in a constructive way and share ideas, tips or concerns..
    Back to your presentation:
    I like the ideas you shared. I particularly liked the "Freeze" and "Melt" tip. I have never thought about it before but I think I will always use it from now on. Your presentation presents "survival" tips and techniques and this is a must-read for everyone. I think it would be even better if you use contrasting colours and a non-distracting background to make the presentation easier to read.
    Thanks again for the high-quality and comprehensive ppt.
    Tarak Brahmi

  3. Nice presentation Thanks for sharing.
    Instructors develop a teaching style based on their beliefs about what constitutes good teaching, personal preferences, their abilities, and the norms of their particular discipline.

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