Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The third issue of The Tunisian ELT Forum

We are pleased to inform our readers and the subscribers to this blog that the third issue of the The Tunisian English Teaching Forum is out.

In this issue you can read:

Testing Speaking by Adel GHABRI
Techniques to promote speaking and to enhance the oral test in the EFL classroom.

As it is Written, So it Shall be Read and Said! by Steve PEHA:
Using reading to foster kids’ acquisition of the pronunciation and grammar of English.

Teaching Speaking by Farida BEN ABDALLAH
Factors teachers need to take into account while teaching speaking.

Using Videos in the Classroom by Faten ROMDHANI:
Videos in the EFL classroom to motivate learners and deliver high-quality lessons.

Will lLanguage Labs Promote English Learning? by Zohra AMMOURI:
Thinking about the CALL labs and the ICT experience in Tunisia.

Teaching the Target Language or the Language Culture? by Fathi BOUGUERRA
Getting students to know not only another language but also the target culture.

Boundaries by Abdelhamid R'HAIEM:
A post-conference report about the third conference organised by the Department of English in ISL, Gabes

David KAPULER was our guest this month and Tarak BRAHMI had an elightening and rich conversation with David.

Also in this issue: 
Bringing the news into the classroom and the lighter side..

To download your copy of the magazine, use the "download" button on issuu. You can also email us and we will send you your own copy.
 You can send your feedback and comments here or on issuu.

Comments on the third issue:
Steve Peha :
"Wow, I love the way the magazine looks. It's the coolest publication I get printed in. Thanks again for letting me contribute. [..]Congratulations on another fine issue."

David Kapuler :
"...Thanks so much for including me in such a beautifully created magazine.  I was blown away to see what you have done.  [...]Great job!!"

Faten Romdhani:
"You are Great dear colleagues ! May you always be successful and enriching the scene of publication with interesting and useful articles to guide and enlighten us in the World of Teaching ! Thanks a million for all your efforts ! "

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  1. Tarak, thanks so much for including me in this beautiful created online magazine.

    Excellent work!!!



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