Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Tests by Mr. Neji Ncibi

A smiling face, an eloquent and witty sense of humour, a caring soul and a generous colleague with a pile of ELT magazines or great resources for teaching English under his arm: This is how most of the teachers of English in the area of Sidi Bouzid know Mr. Neji N'cibi. He has always been a great inspiration for all of us either as a colleague or as a "conseiller p├ędagogique". Mr. Neji sent these tests two months ago but we were busy preparing for the magazine.  We are really sorry for the delay. Thanks again for sharing!

Test 1 First Year Secondary Education

Test 2 First Year Secondary Education

(*Click on the thumbnails above to download or see the tests in full-preview mode.)

Side Note
Mr. N'cibi has recently published his new book "English Is the Key" for 9th year Basic Education.


  1. you are so helpful

  2. thank you very much. but i need tests for grade 5



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