Sunday, July 12, 2009

Useful resources for EFL teachers

  • Videos, documentaries, TV shows, Games, News, Photo Galleries of famous inventors, History makers, celebrities, poets, writers, politicians… Barack Obama along with Bruce Lee, Abraham Lincoln, Michael Jackson, Nelson Mandela, Neil Armstrong and thousands of famous people; all meet in one place,and that is here:


wordahead:  is a great vocabulary-learning site.


  • Encourage your students to polish their typing skills with this great tool form BBC: link
  • Free cliparts for use in your classroom by Discovery: link
  • For intremediate and advanced learners, check the Lesson Plans Library ( videos, lesson plans and downloadable comprehension questions and answers):
  • This site offers free certificates to print that you can use for the student of the month,star student certificates, attendance awards, most improved student, teacher of the month, rewarding homework success or better classroom performance: link


  • For young poets in your classroom, these websites can be very useful: rhymezone & wordcentral. Students type in a word to find words that rhyme with it.
  • Create online quizzes for your students with proprofs

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