Saturday, July 18, 2009

Why Should We Raise The Issue Of Differentiating Instruction?

Differentiating Instruction: A workshop by Inspector & Teacher Trainer Mohamed Salah Abidi (CREFOC,Sidi Bouzid. July 2009)

"Differentiated instruction (sometimes referred to as differentiated learning) is a way of thinking about teaching and learning. Differentiating instruction involves providing students with different avenues to acquiring content; to processing, constructing, or making sense of ideas; and to developing teaching products so that all students within a classroom can learn effectively, regardless of differences in ability." From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The workshop focuses on answering the following questions:
  • Why should we raise the issue of DI?
  • What are the desired outcomes of the workshop?
  • Defining the concept of Differentiating Instruction
  • Is Differentiating Instruction a new trend in Pedagogy?
  • The rationale underlying this method
  • Why differentiate?
  • How different are students in a mixed ability class?
  • What is ZPD?
and other quesions as well.
Check the slideshow and Appendix for more details.
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Appendix Di
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