Saturday, July 4, 2009

Guidelines for writing articles

The Tunisian English Teaching Forum is a blog and a magazine for Teachers of English as a Foreign language. It publishes articles of interest to teachers, educators, inspectors and all those who are related to TEFL. Article subjects range from research that pertain to TEFL and education in general to stories that inform, issues that teachers face in their day-to-day lives as teachers, questions that arise while teaching, tips, advice, lesson plans, suggestions, etc..

If you are keen on sharing your expertise, stories, findings, frustrations, you are invited to send your articles to The Tunisian English Teaching Forum.

The Tunisian English Teaching Forum magazine will be published four times a year. So, articles will be chosen on the following criteria:

  • Variety: The magazine will try to vary its content.So, articles that deal with different topics will be more likely to be published in the same issue.

  • Length: It is more desirable to have "reasonably" long articles in order to make room for more articles.

  • Relevance: Articles that are directly related to TEFL in particular and education in general will have precedence.

  • Space: This is also a determining factor as the magazine has only a limited number of pages.

  • Balance: Trying to give all voices an equal chance to talk and share their views is another serious endeavor.

The Tunisian English Teaching Forum blog will host articles on a regular daily basis and there are fewer limitations concerning the number of articles that can be published online.


Articles should be typed in a known electronic format( .doc, .pdf, .rtf, .txt, .html) but articles that are typed on paper ( OCR ready: that can be read by text-recognition devices like scanners) are also accepted. Articles should preferably range from one page to four pages.

Other details:

A brief description/summary of your article (50-100 words) is highly encouraged although it is not compulsory. You are also encouraged to write a few lines about yourself, your interests and your experience along with your email address.

References and quotations:

A good article is an article that pays attention to references and quotations. There are a few referencing systems in use like MLA and APA. We are sticking with the MLA system for the sake of consistency. For more details about these systems, you can visit

The APA Quick reference guide can be downloaded here

Fees /payment:

No fees are received by you or this magazine for publishing your articles as this blog, magazine and the resources are totally free.

If your article is published elsewhere, please mention that to us.

Best regards,

The Tunisian English Teaching Forum team

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